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FYI of Importance

FYI of importance!

Thanks for your patience...I am just as excited to get started as you all are however....
We needed time to speak with many students who have been out of town ...
We are still fine tuning next year's yearly calendar due to the early start and crazy
early ending....trying to find spots on the calendar is challenging when competing with
all the other events!

Mrs. S and I had a senior to celebrate:) and I had to take a class at Capital University!!!!!!

Hopefully this will get everyone started! PLEASE READ EVERYTHING!! Amounts, dates,
report times.....all are important! Just because you have been in band, doesn't mean you
don't need to read the information! It changes!!!!

We have attached the important information and hopefully in formats everyone can open...just in case technology doesn't work, please let us know and we have copied the schedules below!

If you are not receiving emails....we don't have your up to date address. We need student and parent emails (if different). IT is one of our most important ways to communicate with everyone!

Remember as Mr. Cox says...."Communication is the key to success!" thanks Mr. Cox!

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Field Commanders

 Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Field Commanders

Pickerington Central Marching Tiger Band


Alex Brown

Morgan Robinson

Hannah Safranek

Jacob Schmeltzer

FYI for Concert Week! Starting May 19th!

FYI for Concert week! Starting May 19th!

Please remember this is a guide for the week...but it is not set in stone...We have to be flexible! Thanks in advance!

DISTRICT PAY TO PLAY -- It's the end of the year and YES...there are still some not paid!

Any senior that has an outstanding to the PLSD for anything...including Band Pay to Participate Fees..will NOT receive their diploma or transcripts until the balance is resolved.

Any underclassmen with an outstanding balance will not be permitted to participate in band or any other activity until this is resolved. You have to pay this folks...I don't know how to say it any plainer.

BAND FEES - Come on people PLEASE! I HATE having to even include this in an FYI...

Any student with unresolved band fees will not receive their year end awards and will not be permitted to try out for any position in the band, or continue in band until arrangements have been made. If this is not resolved by June 15, 2014 then the issue will be taken to Fairfield County Court. The PHSC Music Boosters are more than willing to work with any family as long as the family COMMUNICATES with them.

FYI for Wed May 7th thru Friday May 16th

FYI for Wed May 7th thru Friday May 16th

Please refer to this FYI for most current rehearsal times and events.

Also...Please pay attention to WHEN rehearsals begin. You have been supplied with these dates so you can adjust your schedules. Do NOT assume a group always rehearses at the same time..we have to work around sharing a room and busy spring no excuse for saying, I didn't know we had a rehearsal" Got it?

SATURDAY MAY 10th Barnes & Noble Bookfair Event! Shop for MOM & help the Band!

We have a bookfair this weekend at Barnes & Noble. A Pep Band and the PURPLE Jazz
Band will be performing for your enjoyment! Spread the word! Please consider using the attached voucher to shop for your favorite Mom or graduate or directors!!! Ha! Proceeds from this event will be used to help fund the dinner for our seniors and veterans before the Memorial Day Concert.

Columbus Symphony and Barnes and Noble Flyers

 Please click on the linked items and view them.

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