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FYI for April and IMPORTANT end of the year dates!
From Mr. Sewell:)

Hope you are having a great break! For those of you who got away from Ohio...
I hope you bring some sunshine and shells back to us....for those of us who are enjoying the four seasons in Ohio....hang in there! Spring is here somewhere!

An email about the Legacy Concert with more details and a Sign Up Genius to help with it and the Memorial Day concert will be out soon! Please help spread the word about this concert, since we added it in addition to the Memorial Day concert and the Senior Recognition Concert!

Attached is the application for the John Morrow Music Booster Scholarship. Seniors...note the
deadline. Hard copies are available in the guidance and band office. PLEASE...don't think you
are not a candidate....everyone has a chance so take the time to fill out the form and turn in!



Dates What?

Tues April 7 Aida Orchestra 2:15 - 4:00 PM

Thurs April 9 Aida Orchestra 2:15 - 4:00 PM

Sat. April 11 Aida Orchestra 9 - 11:30 AM

Rose Parade Honors Mr. Sewell!



FYI for FEB and MARCH 2015

FYI for FEB and MARCH 2015

We have District Contest fast approaching....snow or no snow and cold...we have some
important rehearsals, concerts, and performances happening soon! Listed below is
the schedule (and dress codes) for upcoming events. Please remember that old
man winter just might decide to mess with us some more...but these are correct
as of Wed, Feb. 25th!! Hang in there...I think I saw a bluebird!

Also please note and work with us....WE CANNOT PROP or in anyother way leave
doors open to the music area. CAN NOT HAPPEN. Rules are being strictly
enforced and as directors, we do not want to have any other administrator have
to deal with this. It is for EVERYONE's safety and the security of the building.
PLEASE HELP US WITH THIS REQUEST. Students...we will need some of you
to be willing to "man the doors" for after school events and loading and unloading
for concerts. Please let us know if you can help us out. We appreciate it.

Date Event
Thursday Feb. 26 Concert Band Trumpet Sectional 3:15 - 4:15 pm

Friday Feb. 27 Wind Ensemble Flute/Oboe Sectional 2:10 - 3:10 pm

Watch the Fiesta Bowl Parade on

The Fiesta Bowl Parade with be streaming on the parade will begin at 1:00pm EST.

The band has arrived safely in Phoenix and grabbing lunch before an afternoon rehearsal.

Look for us in the Fiesta Bowl parade tomorrow.

Instructions for Drop-Off on Friday, December 26th...Very Early!

Happy Christmas Eve....
Hope you get to relax and enjoy some quality family time before we depart!

We fined tuned the drop off instructions for EARLY Friday may
still seem like Thursday to some of you....but we have to get moving!!!!

Hopefully you have all heard from your amazing chaperones and have at least
started some packing! Most important...don't forget those ID's...we want you
to be able to get on the plane to come with us!!!

Please follow the following instructions for drop will make things go quickly...we
have a small window of time to get everyone on the busses!

1. PLEASE arrive no later than 3 AM to drop off your students (or you if you are driving)!

2. DO NOT GO TO THE LOT BEHIND THE BAND ROOM....Please....Drop your students
off on the Lockville side of PHSC right by the circle drop off area in front of the PAC. Our
busses will be parked in our usual place to leave for events...pull in front of them..unload..
then send your kiddos inside the main lobby on the PAC side.

3. will be meeting your Chaperones to get important items in the following areas...we
we have signs posted...but look now so you know where to go...

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